Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Analysis Of Morrie s On Mitch s Perception Of The World

Seyan Coco Honors English Ms. Lobas 7/19/16 Quote: â€Å"I look back sometimes at the person I was before I rediscovered my old professor. I want to talk to that person. I want to tell him what to look out for, what mistakes to avoid. I want to tell him to be more open, to ignore the lure of advertised values, to pay attention when your loved ones are speaking, as if it were the last time you might hear them.† (190) -- Response: I think this passage really highlights Morrie’s impact on Mitch’s perception of the world. It shows how significant and powerful Mitch’s Tuesdays with Morrie were. This reminds me of the talks my mom and I have in the car. After practices or eating out when we get home we just sit in the garage and talk. I’ve come to love sitting in the front seat and telling my mom about my day or something that bothered me. I feel like everyone should have a safe place to talk with someone about their feelings or even something as seemingly insignificant as what you ate for lunch. I think having an older sibling or adult that you feel comfortable enough to have deeper conversation with is especially important for children. It’s nice to know that someone has gone through the same difficult period of puberty and made it out okay. Advice means the most from those who have gone through it, made mistakes, and doesn’t want you to make the same mistakes. I think kids these days have a rather difficult time communicating with older people because times have changed quite

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